City of Burbank and Wood Roofs

31 Jul

In 1992, City of Burbank Ordinance No. 3296 amended certain provisions of the Burbank Municipal Code (BMC) to prohibit the use of wood shakes and wood shingles for roof coverings and exterior wall coverings. All wood roofs in the Mountain Fire Zone were to be removed by August 14, 2005. In the remainder of the City, all wood roofs, even if covered by other types of roofing, shall be removed by August 14, 2012.

The City Council adopted an ordinance extending the deadline for removal and replacement of wood shake or wood shingle roof coverings. The ordinance officially goes into effect on July 13, 2012. The removal deadline was extended two years for exposed wood shakes or wood shingles and eight years for wood shakes or wood shingles that have been re-covered with other types of roofing such as composition or asphalt shingles.


For exposed wood shakes or wood shingles AUGUST 14, 2014

For re-covered wood shakes or wood shingles AUGUST 14, 2020

Below is a summary of code requirements that will apply when you are ready to replace your roof:

Permits. A permit is required for new roofs and re-roofs. Construction requirements for roofing and roof structures are located in Chapter 15 of the California Building Code.

Sheathing. Plywood or OSB sheathing may be installed over existing spaced sheathing provided: Panel ends bear on and are nailed directly to roof framing members Panel edges bear on center of and are nailed directly to spaced sheathing or solid 2x backing Minimum nailing: 8d @ 6” oc edges, and 8d @12” oc field.

Roof covering. Composition shingles may not be installed directly over existing spaced sheathing. The roof deck must be solid. The existing spaced sheathing may be filled-in with 1x framing members or plywood or OSB sheets may be installed over the spaced sheathing.

Inspections are required for:

Sheathing when existing roofing has been removed and existing sheathing remains, Sheathing nailing when new sheathing has been installed, and Final installation of all roofing materials including shingles and flashing

Minimum Fire Ratings. The Fire Hazard Severity Zone requires Class A minimum shingles.

Energy Requirements. Residential roofs that have a slope greater than 2:12 and shingles or roof coverings with a density of 5 pounds per square foot greater must meet requirements listed in the State of California’s 2008 Building Energy Efficiency Standards in Sections 118 and 143.

For other types of roof construction and nonconventional framing, please check with Building Division regarding specific codes that might apply to your project at 818-238-5220. Information is available on the Building Division web page at


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One response to “City of Burbank and Wood Roofs

  1. Brooklyn Roofing

    August 3, 2012 at 1:05 pm

    Wooden shingles are seriously obsolete and completely outdated, is there even a single home owner out there now with them? Their very prone to destruction and weakness.

    -Adam Ahmed


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