About Jason

Hello everybody, my name is Jason Wrightsman, and I work in marketing at LaRocca Inspections. I handle booking our educational presentations about inspections and then facilitate the speaker and the real estate office with any of their needs in getting the presentation carried out, and catering food for the presentation. 

I just so happened to stumble upon LaRocca Inspections because my father just so happens to be the company’s Chief Executive Officer… so I had a really good referral when a job opened up in the marketing department. I had just come from a 3 year stint working at a non-profit helping illiterate individuals and those with learning disabilities learn how to read and write. It was a very gratifying job but unfortunately didn’t pay the bills for too long so I was in need of a career change. 

I was informed that I would be working with a lady by the name of April Kass and that I would have a trial period to see how well we worked together as we would be working very closely together, but thankfully it was friendship at first sight! Since the beginning we have become good friends, we get along with each other and each other’s significant others so we even like to spend time together outside of the office, playing golf, barbecuing and the like… I mean she’s even picked me up from the airport a few times. Now that’s the test of a true friend. 

I currently live in Glendale with my full on best friend and girlfriend Sara, and if you haven’t met her, you probably will at some mixer in the future. She likes going out as much as I do. In fact, we take it to another level and try to go out-of-town somewhere at least once a month. Our favorite place to visit that’s within driving distance is Santa Barbara. We try to get up there about six or seven times a year if we can. We both enjoy good food and wine as much as the next foodie…I would go so far as to call us near official foodies, though I feel there is some other level of foodie yet to be discovered. We are on our way at the very least.  

To fend off the inevitable spare tire generally associated with eating all of the foods I love, I recently picked up running, which I have found to more enjoyable than I thought it would… until that last half a mile at which time I question my motivation. I loved sports as a young spritely lad, but since hitting my 20s I have dropped the ball when it comes to exercising…until now. I even bought my first running shoes recently. I also enjoy golf a lot. I shouldn’t enjoy it due to some of the rounds I shoot, but as the old golf saying goes; it takes just that one shot to keep you coming back. Even though that one shot was many rounds ago, it’s nice to be out doors and playing with my dad and friends.

Aside from running and golf, apropos to me getting older, I have also gotten more into watching sports even more frequently than attempting to play them. I have picked up watching football, basketball, and yes, even golf. I have taken it so far I’ve got myself mixed up in fantasy leagues. It’s a highly recommended fun waste of time. Unfortunately, it kind of takes rooting for teams out of the equation as now I have to root for players. I am however a Laker’s fan through and through, and no matter who is or isn’t on my fantasy league, when they play, my desire for them to win supersedes my selfish desires for a certain player to get points.

The future for me is getting into business with my dad on a large scale. We want to get into developing in the next few years. He has already had experience in it, so doing that with him is going to be a fun way to make some money, and who knows, hopefully make it a career (don’t worry real estate professionals, I won’t have lost my real estate contacts along the way). My childhood career dreams and aspirations were in the music industry, and although I still love listening to and playing music (I play guitar… and April will tell you that I also play a mean tambourine) I have realized that things change, and I’ve learned that life throws you curve balls, and the only way to succeed and push through it, is to come up with bigger and better challenges.

As I enter my 30s, I look forward to doing well financially, growing as a person, and as my girlfriend would hope, possibly having kids and marrying her. But that’s for another day, another dollar, and another… post.


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