Inspections 101 for Home Buyers

What is a home inspection?

Why would a home buyer want to get an inspection?

What components of the home does a home inspector check?

Are there any other types of inspections that can be done during a home purchase?

Having worked with over 100,000 home buyers we know that there are many questions that you may have when buying your new home. We’ve got answers for you! We will be posting regular blog entries for home buyers to learn more about the home inspection portion of the home buying process.


Here are what a few home buyers have had to say about our inspections:

“Thank you very much for performing such a thorough inspection yesterday and for providing such clear explanations during your inspections and during the review process. I walked away understanding the concerns and without questions.” – L.J.

 “I have been on the home-buying side seven times and the selling side six times. I feel that LaRocca Inspections is the most competent and comprehensive available in the Los Angeles area. I heartily recommend the service.” J.Z.

“Thank you for the wonderful service you provided. Your work was thorough, and proved to be critical to my decisions as well as valuable to my important investment. You made a difficult process easier, giving me peace of mind.” – R.M 

For Sale… to SOLD!

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